Friday, May 28, 2004

Back on the wagon, as we say. Frith and I went jogging the other day, and it was a lot of fun, and we pushed each other and I ran *really* hard. Finally, three days after the jog, the soreness is gone! Time to do it again. :-)

I am working on a new Bodyforlife-style program, which I am currently attempting to implement. I kind of started it this week, though I did make some missteps. Still, forge ahead! Today I bought -- it's from a choral piece, and it refers to music's effect on the soul, but I think it works just as well as a description of a fit body. I'll wax more about that when the site is up, probably next week.

And now... okay, Frith asked me to get dinner at the greek restaurant. I know I could eat healthy there but I will probably end up sampling the pastitsio. Hehe... as long as I keep getting regular exercise though, this should be able to fit into my plan. Will keep you posted.