Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Goals versus Reality

Goal-setting is extremely fun to do when you don't care how or if the goals actually pan out! It's also very easy as long as you don't pay any heed to reality. That downward sloping graph will only come to pass if I proactively make an EFFORT to work out. This simply will not happen during finals. *sigh*

Haven't worked out since Dec. 1. Dammit, how the time simply flies.

Of course, I was sick for a week in there. So it's not entirely my fault.

Damn you, reality, for getting in the way of my fantastic goals!

Thursday, December 01, 2005


Okay, I have been eating relatively healthy this week, and I have made an effort to get to the gym every couple days... mostly for some quick but intense weight lifting, because I just don't have the time (or is it willpower?) for cardio... but obviously cardio is important and so I will try to get into that soon.

This is my plan. Ambitious, I know... but possible...

Log, 12/1/05
  • Lat pulldowns -- 10@60 lbs, 10@100
  • Machine rows -- 12@60, 8@100
  • Machine overhead press -- 12@60, 10@90, 8@120, 4@90, 5@60 -- failure!
  • Standing alternating dumbell curls -- 5@30 each

Log, 11/29/05
  • Treadmill -- 2 mins walk, 2 mins jog, 2 mins walk, 1 min jog
  • Circuit on Swiss ball: Dumbell press -- 12@30 each; Dumbell flyes -- 10@30 each; Shoulder press -- 10@30 each
  • Rest 1 min, repeat circuit
  • Overhead tricep extensions -- 12@30, 12@30
  • Calf presses -- 12@50, 12@50
  • A good night sleep -- priceless!