Saturday, March 22, 2003

Runnin' along...
I bought a Polar heart rate monitor yesterday, and it was oh-so-neat to watch the heart rate LCD light up when I stepped on the treadmill. :-) "105," said it. After jogging for just a couple minutes, it was up to 150, and I hovered between 150 and 170 beats per minute for a while, then walked until it was down to 130, and then brought it up again. I had been jogging between 6-7 mph; toward the end I pushed it up to a whopping 8.3 mph, and saw my pulse slowly climb to 180, 181, 182, 183... by this point I was pretty tired so I walked for a minute, watched my pulse drop to 140 and counting, and called it a day.

Oh yeah, then I did about 45 tough Swiss ball crunches.

Fun times! I like exercising in the morning because it jump starts my day. The problem is actually getting to the gym early enough. I'll try again tomorrow.

Thursday, March 13, 2003

Oh well.
Okay, I didn't make it this morning. But I did get 9 hours of sleep and I'm feeling much better. :-)

Interesting article in the Wall Street Journal today: It seems heavy lifting may cause your blood pressure to get so high that you either have a stroke or an aneurism or your brain explodes or something. Some recommend superslow lifting as a solution; others say that's even worse. In any case, they say you shouldn't lift more than half your body weight, which effectively cancels out any heavy bench pressing -- I can only dumbbell press 100 or 120, max, but even that is supposedly "too much."

I'll look into this further, but I think as long as you use common sense and don't kill yourself on every set, you should be fine.

Wednesday, March 12, 2003

So.... tired.....

can't keep my eyes open... whole body feels weak and ehavy.. sleep is calling me... soo tired... tomrrow. must. wake up early, 6, maybe 7ish, and work out. Early. 6. Have to in mornig becuase i will have no time in night time due to glee club rehraslll s
ssso riedt
Wow, I made it

This morning when my alarm clock buzzer drilled into my peaceful slumber, I turned it off. And instead of falling back into unconsciousness, I sat up, eyes 95 percent closed, mind even more asleep. But that tiny fraction of my mind that was awake posed a challenge to the sleeping Me: Get up now and go to the gym, or give up your dreams of getting in really good shape.

Exhausted as I was, I knew the sliver of conscious brain was correct. Had I plopped back down in bed and pulled the covers up, I would have realized that my fatigue is greater than my willpower, and I might as well have stopped striving to better myself right then and there.

But I did get up, and I went to the gym, and I exercised. And I feel better for it.
Feelin' good
Okay, so I went to the gym tonight and did chest/triceps/shoulders. I didn't have a lot of time, so I worked my chest most, followed by the latter two. I did pretty well on dumbbell bench press, doing:

12 reps at 15 pounds each (warm-up)
10 reps at 25 pounds each
8 reps at 35 pounds each
6 reps at 50 pounds each
12 reps at 35 pounds each

That really taxed me out... I could barely get the last rep in... then I tried to do 12 dumbbell flyes at 20 lbs each but found myself dead after 3 reps. I switched down to 15 lbs and was able to get up to 12 total.

You know, it's funny -- when I was putting together the "About Me" section of the web page, I came to the "Hobbies" line and thought to myself, what do I like to do with my free time? Besides vegging out in front of the computer, that is... And I put down "reading" "writing" and "working out."

I wasn't so sure about working out -- could I consider it a hobby? Am I that into it? Well, I realize that I AM into it. A few years ago I was this dork who had hardly set foot into a gym in his life and disdained all things physical... and now I actually enjoy it. And when I'm on, I really get into it! I've read all about exercises and proper form and nutrition and all that -- I probably know more than 4 out of 5 people about that stuff now. I try to get enough protein and I drink lots of water daily and at the gym I wear tank tops and I even grunt on the heavy sets!

I also cut my hair kinda short and am growing a pseudo-goatee, so with the tank top on I actually look somewhat rough and mean, which is neat because I am in reality smooth and nice.

Anyway, enough workout-talk tonight. I am going to *try* to get up in less than 5 hours and do some cardio. I highly doubt I'll make it out of my bed, but at least I will try. Oh yeah, that's the thing... lifting is tons of fun; cardio can be kind of a drag. Cardio's much more fun when it's part of a game like basketball... just sitting there pedaling in place can be tedious and hard. But that's what I have to do to melt the fat. So that's what I'll do (no use having muscles if they're buried under a layer of flab).

Tuesday, March 11, 2003

Push it!
My diet has sucked and I'm averaging 3 days a week at the gym. But I must struggle on! Only from the depths of despair has man the perspective to see the true path.

To the gym!

Sunday, March 02, 2003

Challenge 2, Week 3, Day 7

I'm not sure this is working. It seems I can only be enthusiastic about one or two things at once. Fitness may have fallen below the breaking point. I'll keep you updated.