Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Math time

On Saturday the 30th, I went to the gym after four days of sadly NOT going to the gym, either because of too much work or being too tired or what have you. (We will get to this in a minute.) I asked the front desk how many times I had been to the gym that month. The front desk responded: 15.


Now at first that doesn't sound very good, because on average it's only once every other day. And yet that still averages out to 3 or 4 times per week, and that is a big improvement over the 5 times I went to the gym in the entire month of June (1.25 times a week!)

And now back to being too tired and missing the gym for 4 days:

It sucks. But it happened. And one thing is very true: When I am going to the gym on a daily basis, it is easy to keep going. I have built up momentum. I can even take up to a day off in between workouts and still maintain the momentum. But if I take TWO days off between workouts? That's it. Momentum is dead, and so are my gym outings. The effort required to go back to the gym after that second day off is exponentially higher than usual. Let me demonstrate in a little chart:

Days OffEffort Required

As you can see, effort is two to the number of days off. Or, where E=effort and T=number of days off between workouts, E=2^T

After three days off, effort breaks the 10 barrier. This is kind of like breaking Warp 10. Once this occurs, it is almost impossible to get back to the Alpha Quadrant -- excuse me, the gym. Day 4 is a 16 in effort. Day 5 is a 32! After a week you're as good as couch-bound for the rest of your existence.

The point is, yeah I missed a few days. But it's a good thing I went before T=4!

And now it is a new month, and I shall endeavor to hit the 20-workout mark before the month is out. My new apartment will have a gym in the basement, so We Shall See!

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  1. Where's the updates?
    You haven't become idle these days have you?