Saturday, October 15, 2005


I'm around. I'm averaging about twice a month at the gym, but I am around. In fact, last night I went downstairs to the little gym on the 2nd floor with the sole purpose of making my biceps bigger. You see, over the years I have made a lot of progress on most of my other 2000 parts, but my biceps have pretty much plateaued. I generally do 25 pound bicep curls, and I really don't go over that, and I have just assumed I can't go over that, but then I realized I had failed to follow the advice I give to my friends when they think they are stuck: Just Go Higher! No, you won't be able to do as many reps, and your form may be questionable toward the end of your set, but just try it -- you may surprise yourself.

So I took my own advice and I went up to 30. And guess what! I did 10 reps, and then I rested for a minute, and I was able to do another 5 reps before my arms gave out. This is very good news! It means that the 25 pound ceiling was self-imposed, and I can push through it, and it will just take a bit of time. Next time I go down to the 2nd floor, I will try to do two sets of 10 reps, and then the next time I will try to work on that 3rd set, and then when I can do three sets of 10 (or maybe 12), I will go up to 35.

And there was much happiness! :-D

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