Monday, January 07, 2008

Starting 2008 off right?

So that green triangular area up on the graph from last week, that was when I went home to Michigan and dropped about 5 pounds. Of course, I probably didn't lose 5 pounds of fat -- much of it was likely water weight -- but it shows that when I don't eat big meals late at night, when I don't eat sodium-filled meals, and when I generally curb my calorie intake, weight loss comes quickly for me.

As you may have also noticed, the graph has jumped back up to my pre-Michigan levels. This is because two nights ago I ordered Chinese food, and last night I had ramen noodles. Both carry massive amounts of sodium, so I have no doubt retained several pounds of water.

It is interesting to note that the General Tso's combo I had two nights ago was incredibly delicious, but after I consumed the entire thing, I was completely incapacitated. Apparently 2,000 calories (at least) of a fat-laden meal, consumed quickly, causes me to get very very drowsy, become unable to do anything, and fall asleep.


Some other interesting news: Yesterday I "began" "training" for the 10-miler in April, and I had an interesting finding... it seems I am unable to run a mile. Not because of any cardiovascular issue (my pulse didn't go above 120, when I am easily capable of maintaining 160+ for a long time), but because my calves were incredibly tight. This always happens after a long period of dormancy, and after massaging my calf muscles with THE STICK, everything worked fine again. But this shows that it will take me a couple weeks before I can get up to the distances necessary to properly condition my body for 10 miles.

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