Tuesday, January 22, 2008

This is gonna be tough...

So I went jogging today after 8 days of not, and my calves got so tight I could barely jog at all. I walked for 1 minute, jogged at 5 mph at a 1% incline for 3, walked 1 jogged 3, then I had to take 5 minutes out to run The Stick up and down my tender, tender calves. I got back on the treadmill to go again, but I only managed a few minutes before I had to stop and massage my calves again.

I know I can get over this hurdle with constant stretching and frequent exercise, but right now I feel frustrated because my cardiovascular system is more than willing to jog for much longer than I can right now. It's the damn musculature that is the weak link. Grrrrr.......


  1. Matt, once you get comfortable with jogging again (i.e., no immediate leg cramps), you should consider incorporating a Sprint 8 workout once or twice a week. It is a great way to naturally boost your HGH. Check out this link: http://outside.away.com/outside/bodywork/200604/high-intensity-training-2.html
    Be sure to stretch.


  2. You know what works for my flexibility is to take some forward bends and other gentle stretches while I'm watching TV. That way, I'm putting the time to better use than just sitting staring straight ahead. It takes time for muscles to open, so make a habit out of it... you gotta get a little warmed up, then work on flexibility. But running and flexibility tend to be antithetical, and runners have to work extra hard at loosening those muscles...