Wednesday, March 12, 2008


It's a good thing I took the time to run last night because, as I predicted, there was no way for me to squeeze my exercise in today. Now, the plan was to run in the morning tomorrow, which I thought would be feasible because I was exhausted all day today, and I was positive that tonight I would flop down in bed and pass out. Unfortunately, I am a total geek, and choir rehearsal revived my spirits like a jolt of caffeine!

I want to be optimistic but I have to be realistic: there is essentially no way I will be able to wake up early enough tomorrow to run three miles.

I can try to squeeze it in tomorrow after work and before dress rehearsal at the Kennedy Center, but again, I have to be realistic. The odds are I will be able to squeeze it in on Thursday, which will mean I'll have gone two days without physical activity.

Perhaps I can fit in a few push-ups tomorrow. Ha!

This is the problem with being a Night Owl. I have fun at night, but I cannot run because it will keep me up for several more hours. Yet I am still unable to go to sleep early enough to run in the morning. For God's sake, man, something has to change!

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  1. Actually though, I think if you took 20 minutes and did a couple sets of really slow push-ups, holding the top position for a few breaths in between, and some ab work, that would be a perfectly fine "mini work-out" that you could squeeze in before showering and heading to your rehearsal...