Monday, November 10, 2008

The Incredible Shrinking Matt! - OR - I Need a New Pair of Pants, AGAIN

One of my goals in this weight loss odyssey has been to wear my old pants again. You see, for one, I am kind of stingy, and I don't like buying new clothes when the old clothes are still perfectly good, and I could fit into them again with just a little discipline. Second, my goodness, what a thrill when they actually fit!

I am pleased to report I have had just such a thrill this week. My pants had been getting extremely loose, and I was below the smallest hole on my belt (where's an awl when you need one?)... On a whim, I ventured into the darkest recesses of my closet and pulled a pair of 33" corduroys off a hanger. Now, I had tried these on a month ago, and while I could squeeze into them and barely button them closed, they were very tight. But when I put them on yesterday, they fit... perfectly!! I hadn't worn those since 2004! (For reference, 2004 was my first year in law school, and the year I took the awesome picture at left.) As evidence that it's not just the brand of pants that let me fit into them, I point to the 34" Levi jeans I bought last month, which are now loose on me.


This is all very satisfying, if a little odd: The last time I could fit into size 33-34 pants, I was 10 pounds lighter. This all leads me to believe I have gained some muscle in the intervening years. Awesome.

How is Matt losing all this weight? Has he broken down and started spending hours in the gym? Or has he stuck mainly to creating a diet-based caloric deficit? Will Matt ever breach the fabled 200-pound mark and sail down through a scale world that begins with "1," a world he hasn't seen for over four years?

Stay tuned for his secrets...


Trivia: Do any astute Still Waiting visitors know where the second part of today's headline comes from? Hint: It has to do with a Segway.


  1. thanks for your comment on my blog! always love new readers.

    it is always fantastic to get into old (and smaller) clothes. but it IS annoying when you are constantly dropping sizes and always have to buy new pants becasue it is NOT affordable at all. that seems be the situation I was in for quite some time and its exciting and irritating at the same time.

  2. I cannot believe you said "awl."

  3. What BMI are your aiming at? My aim is BMI 24.5 - which Pinchon says gives non smokers the greatest chance of a long life: