Wednesday, December 10, 2008

First Run of the Season is a Rousing Success!

The 10 Mile Cherry Blossom Run is in less than 4 months and I went out tonight for my first jog in almost 8 months, expecting to be wheezing after 3 blocks, but.....

I MANAGED TO JOG 1.5 MILES WITHOUT STOPPING! I could have gone longer if I wasn't facing a 4% incline for the last quarter mile! So I walked most of the last bit home. Next time I should consider reversing this run so that I end with a very slight incline.

It is amazing what losing 14 pounds and getting properly fitted running shoes with inserts will do! I got the shoes a couple weeks ago, after two visits of 1-2 hours each, during which the good folks at the new Potomac River Running Store at Cleveland Park poked, prodded and analyzed me sitting down, standing up, walking and jogging. A pair of $95 Asics Cumulus and some inserts later, and my feet and legs never hurt or got numb at all!

Remembering what they told me at the running store after evaluating my gait, I shortened my stride and increased turnover. My back/left shoulder was a little tight in the last half of the jog but nothing major. Pretty balmy for December. 61 degrees and misty!

For once I realize how one can do an "easy run" and maintain a conversational pace and not take any walking breaks and actually enjoy it. Wow. I am really looking forward to this training period.


  1. Yay! I love this post. And yeah... short stride/quick turnover is a great way to run. Keep it up Matt!

  2. Way to go, Matt! Glad to hear that running welcomed you back so warmly.