Friday, January 06, 2012

The smallest belt hole!

Today I noticed that my pants were loose so I went to adjust my belt, and it turns out I only had one belt hole left! Now I am on the smallest one and that just feels so awesome. And look at the awesome graph! It looks like this "Calories In < Calories Out" thing really works!

Food Log

  • Syntha 6 (400 calories, 44 grams protein)
  • Chicken, rice, quinoa (~600 cal, 30g)
  • Subway 6" turkey melt (400, 25g)
  • Chicken and barley soup (160, 14g)
  • Two sticks of string cheese (160, 16g)
Total: 1720 calories, 129 grams of protein

I'm not purposely starving myself, I swear. That protein drink just keeps me SO full, and by pre-emptively eating just before I get hungry, I am basically never hungry at all and don't get any cravings! 

I'll probably get hungrier once I'm exercising regularly -- things are really tight right now with rehearsals every night, but after Saturday the 14th my rehearsal schedule will drop down to ONE PER WEEK. I am sincerely looking forward to having almost every other evening free. It's time to take care of Me.

PS - I just noticed how many exclamation points I used in this post. Please accept my humble apologies.

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