Thursday, July 12, 2012

Counting Calories

I let myself get hungry Tuesday. I didn't eat throughout the day. I had low blood sugar, and a headache, and cravings. Major cravings. Never order delivery while you have cravings. And never eat the whole thing before you have a chance to stop and breathe and ask yourself what the f@#$ you are doing.

Anyway, when I am bad, I like to get back on track by meticulously planning my caloric intake and expenditure. I thought you'd like to see the kind of plan I make. I've been making charts like this for the past several years and they usually get me back on track... or at least back in the right direction. You'll notice I don't deprive myself of the things I really like (e.g. Potbelly wreck sandwiches, chips, etc); I just make sure I account for it, and don't eat like that all day.

By evenly spacing out my meals every few hours, I ensure I never get cravings. And that's good. Because my cravings are stronger than me. I know from years of experience. The only way I can beat them is to make sure they never get anywhere near me. I'm like the Secret Service! (Yes, this means my belly is the President.)

This projected deficit will lead to a couple pounds of weight loss per week.
I don't always ride my bike twice a day, but when I do it really adds up.