Monday, May 05, 2003


I am never taking a Free Day again. I ate so much shit yesterday, I felt nauseaus all day, and extremely tired to boot. I don't know if that's because of my hard run from the day before, or because of my poor eating, or maybe both. Anyway, it seems very stupid to me to be so health conscious during the week, losing two pounds on average, and then throw half of it away when I gain a pound on Free Day.

OK, I think I know what the problem was. I went out of my way to eat bad food on Free Day. I thought, since I *have* the opportunity, I am going to make use of it. Even if I didn't have any cravings. Well that is stupid stupid stupid. This will be my new Free Day mantra: Don't go out of your way to eat. Feel free to have a nice burger, or some Thai food or something, if you really want one. But if chicken would suffice, eat that. If you're really craving a sweet, eat it. But don't get a box of 6 donuts and see how many you can eat. That's just counterproductive.

(Yes, I got a box of 6 donuts and saw how many I could eat. (Four.) I felt, and still feel, like a big disgusting cow. I am never going to do that again.)

I'm still tired, and I want to get back into my exercising routine after the gluttony that was my Free Day. Today is the beginning of a new week: Week Three. I have done well for the past two weeks. I will only do better over the next two!

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