Thursday, May 01, 2003


DAMN, I was pushing myself so hard at the gym last night! Once you find that balance of weight that will allow you do just about 12 reps and no more... it's an exciting experience. It is difficult to find the balance -- I don't think I've found it completely. All I know is that I was pushing myself HARD last night, for more than an hour. Highlights:
  • My whole upper torso, neck and face turning bright red, with little veins standing out, when I did the 20-25 pound side arm-raises -- I looked like the Red Hulk; and
  • Utilizing my biceps on almost every other body part's exercise, and then STILL barbell curling 65 pounds between 10-12 times for two sets! And THEN tiring out my biceps even more with a couple sets of 20 lb. concentration curls.

No time this morning to do cardio. I'll do it after work. My MP3 player/radio arrives today, so I can fill it up with 4 hours of workout music and pump up the jam even more. :-)

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