Tuesday, June 01, 2004


Primal Eloquence is operational, albeit in a very preliminary test-page form. Eventually it will contain this blog, a nifty weight/body fat area graph, statistics, pictures -- the whole shebang. Even songs. Yes, songs!

Okay, maybe not songs.

Frith and I have decided that even though we never want to leave, we are in actuality seeing too much of each other. So we have called a two-day embargo on all things couple-related. We aren't even to CALL each other, or send text messages! How does this relate to fitness, you ask? Simple: Though we intend to jog, Frith and I usually end up laying around doing nothing, really. Yesterday morning we were totally unproductive for literally seven hours. Mind you, we COULD have gone jogging had she brought her sneakers -- and technically we *did* get exercise ;-) -- but she didn't bring her sneakers. I wasn't about to just ignore her and go jogging myself. So... yeah.

The good news is that last week, even with the time sieve, I lost about two pounds! And Frith is down also. Our goal is to be one of those Powercouples (TM) who jog through the neighborhood together and make everybody else jealous. Yes!

So now, with some free time to try to get things back in order, I can actually make healthy meals for the day, AND possibly get to the gym in the morning. Possible? Doable? Perhaps? Maybe?

Maybe. Maybe!

We will see. Until then, I have to try to eat healthy at Subway for lunch today, and then after work I have to drag my tired-ass body to the gym, explain to them that I lost my membership ID card, pay $10 for a new ID card, and get on the damn bike. I'll bring the Da Vinci Code so I have something interesting (and easy) to read whilst pumping tbe pedals. Then tonight, I *have* to make my meals for tomorrow. Have to!!!

Tomorrow morning? Exercise. AND wean myself off the daily Bruegger's/Starbucks addiction.

To me-time! :-)

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