Thursday, September 11, 2008

Matt's Fitness Goals

Okay. I was a bit too care-free with my weekend eating this past weekend, and so my weight seems to be leveling off around 209. While this is way better than my high of 221 in June (still can't believe it went that high... really? WTF?), it is still far from my ultimate goal (for the last five years now) of 180.

To that end, I now set forth realistic goals, and a plan, that will get me to where I want to be.

  • Phase 1: 205 pounds, 36" waist (by end of September)
  • Phase 2: 199 pounds, 35" waist (by end of October)
  • Phase 3: 189 pounds, 34" waist (by end of December)
  • Phase 4: 180 pounds, 33" waist (by the Cherry Blossom Run -- i.e. early April)

  • More energy throughout the day, and quick sleeping at night.

  • Have the confidence that comes with looking and feeling great.
  • Make time to exercise at least three times a week. Heavy weights. On extra days, throw in cardio (riding bike to work would count).
  • Never let myself be in an unexpected eating situation where cravings might take over.
  • Healthy pattern of fruit and a protein for breakfast (peanut butter counts); big lunch (but try to cut back on the Dew); light dinner (but never skip dinner -- at least have soup or protein).
  • Don't go crazy with food on weekends just because you "can." Eat what you want on weekends but only if you REALLY want it. (You know this, Matt. You've been here before.)


  1. Good luck Matt, even biking might give you runner's high.. I wouldn't know.

  2. Good plans... the second point under your plan of action is one that is a culprit for me, too. It is hard to make the right choices spontaneously.

    When does registration for the Cherry Blossom run open? Did I miss it already?