Tuesday, April 29, 2003

Not too bad

Okay, so I'm doing the BFL diet to the letter. At least, I did yesterday and I plan to today. It takes about 10 minutes in the morning to throw together a sandwich or two, shake up a couple servings of protein drink, and put it all along with a couple oranges into a bag. That takes care of my diet for the day, and it's less expensive than getting a tuna melt and Mountain Dew every day, so that's good. :-) Yesterday I got kinda hungry -- not a lot, but enough so that it was preventing me from focusing on my work. So I grabbed a handful of popcorn, and that tided me over until my next meal.

I kind of wanted "bad" food last night, but there were no cravings or anything, so it wasn't hard to just have cottage cheese or chicken breast with spices instead. After I lifted, I simply ate protein-packed foods until I wasn't hungry anymore, and then I stopped. Pretty simple, really.

Another benefit of eating very healthy foods during the week is that you look forward to the more fattening, tastier food, on the weekend. When you don't get to have it all the time, it becomes more of a treat when you do. :-)

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