Saturday, November 18, 2006

30? Meet 40.

Fresh off the heels of 50-pound dumbbell presses a couple weeks ago (that's 50 pounds in each hand, mind you), I achieved a new high today, this time bicep-related: A year ago I pushed through the 25-pound dumbbell curl plateau to reach the then-unheard of weight of 30-pound dumbbell curls. Today, after having done 10 curls at 30 pounds, I decided to push higher. 35? Nah. What the hell, let's go for 40. Was I able to do 10? No way. Was I able to do 3? Yes! Was my form perfect? No way. Did my form at all resemble an actual curl? Absolutely!

Forty pound curls, even if only a few of them, were literally completely impossible for me several years ago. I couldn't even do one.

Today, on a whim, I did three in each hand.


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