Monday, November 20, 2006

Getting up early to do cardio sucks, but it sucks less than being 30 pounds overweight

Title pretty much says it all. I actually made it down to the gym this morning by 7:30 a.m. and slogged my way through a 20 minute HIIT session on the recumbent bike. It was NOT EASY and NOT FUN. I haven't done cardio in weeks, and I haven't done early morning cardio in MONTHS, if not years. (I honestly can't remember the last time I did morning exercise). They say cardio first thing on an empty stomach burns more calories and revvs you up for the rest of the day; all I know is that it was a bitch and I am doing it again tomorrow. I also know that the only other two people in the downstairs gym so early this morning were thin. As thin as you'd expect from people who get up at 7 on a Sunday morning to kill themselves at the gym.

Diet today was pretty good, at least until I decided to finish off the remaining pieces of pizza I ordered two nights ago. Hey, it's a miracle the pizza lasted me three days! It's like a new Hanukkah story. :-) And it is told that the extra-large pizza, which would normally be devoured in the span of one day, did last that two hundred and ten pound Jew for three days, praise the Lord!

I think I'll take a hint from 2003-Matt (see archives, right), and include a table denoting what I ate today.

Until tomorrow...!
  • Starbucks: Reduced fat turkey-bacon, egg and cheese muffin; iced nonfat chai tea latte

  • Salad with can o' chicken breast

  • Sushi, steamed chicken dumplings and edamame

  • Three pieces of meaty pizza and a little mint chocolate chip ice cream

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