Tuesday, November 21, 2006

So far so good

Made it to the gym this morning for a difficult upper-body workout (UBWO). Realized that there is a reason people don't work their shoulders before their chest; the shoulders tired out more quickly than the chest, because they are smaller -- which means I couldn't dumbbell press nearly as much as usual! Oh well.

  • Spicy tuna breast on a whole wheat pita (36 g protein)
  • South Beach bar and Lipton green tea w/ citrus (12 g)
  • Cosi Sesame Ginger Chicken sandwich and carrots (38 g)
  • Barq's root beer (0 g)
  • Tofu with rice and vegetables (20 g?)
Assuming my tofu calculation is on (I'm not normally a tofu person so it's tricky), that gives me about 106 g of protein for today. A little lower than I'd like, but I'd rather accept a slightly low protein number than down a protein shake right now at the cost of 300 extra calories.

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