Tuesday, November 21, 2006


I have been exhausted all day -- a side effect of intense workouts -- so, surprise surprise, I didn't make it to the gym this morning. I will do all I can to get my cardio in today.

Diet so far:

  • Starbucks eggs florentine muffin, grande iced chai tea latte (20 g?)

  • Worldwide Pure Protein shake, Kellogg's Special-K bar (36 g)
For the record, I am starving. I think my breakfast didn't have enough whole grains or fiber or something, because it definitely didn't fill me up at all. On the plus side, the Pure Protein shake is quite palatable, and, coming from a can, is a really easy way to get enough protein during the day! I will definitely order a shipment. It's about $2 a can, which is way more expensive than actually making a shake myself from powder, but it is much tastier and easier to take with me to work, which means I will actually drink it. (My track record on protein powders is horrible -- I'll buy a 6 pound jug of chocolate whey protein powder from GNC, put it on top of the fridge, and 12 months later I've hardly touched it!)


ADDENDUM: I was completely starving for the rest of the day. I have no idea why, other than possibly not enough fiber in the morning, or some weird gastronomic gurgle that kept me feeling famished all day. I don't remember what I ate after the protein shake, but late at night I stopped off at 7-11 and had three taquitos, a 20 oz. root beer, and some Slim Jims. Yeah, I know, but I was seriously starving.

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