Wednesday, April 16, 2003

Run, run, gotta run, I gotta run...
Gotta run - woooo-oooo - I gotta run...

Went running last night! Well, jogging. Accordingto my nifty Polar, I was jogging for about 35 minutes, during which my average heart rate was 150 bpm, and I spent 31 minutes in my target HR zone of 128-169! That basically means I burned a lot of calories. (503, specifically). :-)

Now I just have to, well, keep doing it. Actually I was surprised -- it wasn't too hard to go for 35 minutes, and with the HRM guiding me along and beeping when i got too fast / too slow, I was able to exert not too much effort that I burned out, but enough to really make a difference!

Very exciting. :-)

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