Thursday, April 17, 2008

0.2 pounds heavier each day?

I don't understand it. I work out, I watch(ish) what I eat, and yet the scale still goes up 0.2 pounds a day. What's the deal?

Guess I just have to be more strict with my diet. Today's plan:
  • Hot & Spicy V8 (I swear I am addicted to these)
  • Smoothie I just made (berries, protein powder, Greens+, flax seed oil, honey)
  • Turkey on whole wheat with hummus (To whomever stole my mustard and mayo: THERE WILL BE HELL TO PAY)
  • Almonds and raisins (keep them on my desk at work and graze throughout the day)
  • Dinner with a friend (don't know where we're going but I'll try to keep it light)
Tomorrow I'll jog another 4 miles, this weekend I'll keep working at the gym... Gotta have faith I guess?


  1. If you weight every day, you should take the average of your weigh-ins every week and use that to track your weight. Or, weight twice a week at the exact same time (i.e. 8am on Tuesday and Friday).

    Fluctuations are normal, and, you can be losing fat and still gaining weight (muscle, water).

  2. Also, we don't HAVE to have pizza and beer tomorrow. We could have pizza and wine, or order something healthier.

  3. Lite beer is keeping it light, isn't it? Get pizza with a veggie on it.

    I love those Hot & Spicy v8s too. And the hummus on the turkey sandwich is a good idea. I never thought of that!

    Good luck!

  4. The weight gain is probably coming from added muscle mass. That's why it's always better to go by how your body looks and feels, not by how much it weighs.

  5. You're all right.

    Yeah Matt R., I know I should be going based on how I look and feel -- and people have TOLD me I'm looking thinner, and I see it in my face. I just don't like watching that stupid scale go up! Booo.