Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Be Inspired by the Biggest Loser Finale TONIGHT! Be there or be FAT!

I would like to implore all of my readers to turn on NBC tonight at 8:00 PM and watch the live grand finale of The Biggest Loser, which has proven to be one of the most sentimental and inspiring shows on television.

Tuesday night has become my "Crying Night." Most of the week, I am impervious to emotional sabotage, a veritable brick facade through which no emotional daggers or spears can penetrate. But on Tuesday night, when the fat people start blubbering because of how horrible their lives have become, or when the newly-thin people start blubbering because of how wonderful they now feel, and when their friends and families start blubbering because of how great it is to have their new-and-improved friend back with them after five months on a Fat Ranch... well, it is impossible for me to remain stoic and calm. (I'm glad I watch the show alone! There's no crying in baseball!)

But that is what this show does to people. It is wonderful because it shows that even though everyone faces much adversity, with enough willpower and emotional support, one can succeed despite the odds. And, wow, have these people succeeded! As of the penultimate show, the four remaining finalists had lost insane amounts of weight, and no longer looked like contestants on The Biggest Loser. I am very eager to see what they look like tonight at the live finale, because since the last show, they have had six weeks to continue to lose weight. Frankly, I don't see how they can drop many more pounds without becoming anorexic or something, but they can all definitely build muscle and tone up. In previous years, formerly 400-pound men have turned into 190-pound musclebound cover models. It is really quite striking.

In addition to simple curiosity about how these people have fared, I also eagerly watch the show each week because it is so inspiring. If these ginormous people can lose so much weight, then surely I, a comparative Munchkin, can get off my ass and go for a jog every now and then.

So, remember, tonight at 8:00 PM EST, you will get to see a real life transformation. It will inspire and amaze you. Check back with Still Waiting tomorrow for a recap.


  1. i agree--although I am really hoping that a woman finally wins. I think they should have a male winner and a female winner-but I'm not boss of the show so I guess it doesnt really matter :)

  2. Thank you for not hyperlinking the word "anorexic" to my blog ;)

    I'm conflicted about the show. I think it can be very inspiring, but it also makes me jealous. How I would love to have nothing to do all day but work with a trainer and a dietician! No job! No responsibilities! Just having a hot body! I wish.

  3. Hey ... Way to go with the "there's no crying in baseball" movie reference. Our family just rented and watched it this weekend and the kids thought Tom Hanks was hilarious.

    You're in a "League of Your Own", Matt.