Sunday, July 24, 2005

PowerGel Goo SUCKS

Yeah, there's really little more to say about that. I bought some PowerGel because I thought it looked neat and I had always wanted to try it... and I went to the gym, and sat in the parking lot, and i ripped open the package, ready for some delightful orange energizing goo, but what I GOT was some DISGUSTING orange HORRIFYING goo, reminiscent of something a mother bird might regurgitate for her babies. Soooo gross. Blech. Eww. I drove to the Taco Bell a quarter mile away and ate a rather healthy and definitely tasty soft chicken taco. That was all the energy I needed, for I had a rather productive session on the bike. :-)

In other news, there are still only two diamond triangles, and they appear to be somewhat lighter today. I'm still suspicious though. Aliens like to bide their time.

Exercise Log:
* Wednesday: Back/bis
* Thursday: Excessive drinking at Hockeytown before the Tiger's game
* Friday: 30 minutes on the recumbent bike
* Saturday: Chest/shoulders/tris

1 comment:

  1. Yeah, I hate PowerGel and Gu too... I trained with them during marathon season because really when you're running for a number of hours all at once you need calories and sustenance beyond just gatorade. So I experimented with eating gu, pretzels, small cookies, and even hard candy while running. And I always thought that Gu tasted like gross cake icing.. ugh.

    I DID, however, find something that works - I swear by Honey Stingers, which you can order from It's just pure honey, packaged up nicely to fit in a pocket or weaved inside a shoe lace. Sweet, sugary, not thick.. give it a try!