Wednesday, July 20, 2005

*zoom zoom zoom*

No more turkey bacon guacamoles for me. :-) Maybe a bit too much Thai food, but I refuse to give up my favorite parts of life!

I'm working on the Mountain Dews though. I tried to drink a Diet one today. The first second of the first sip was somewhat tolerable... then it hit me. I was drinking diet. There was no substance. Zero calories. What the hell am I drinking? Air? And what's with that aftertaste? How can there be an aftertaste when it barely has a taste to begin with?

So I plan to stick with regular Mountain Dews for the foreseeable future. Hey, I know I want to get in shape, but let's do this gradually, okay? I'm down to one 20 ounce a day. That's good enough for now.

So, last night I was allll set to do my back/biceps workout, but then Donnie called with a last-minute invitation to poker with him, his family, and some friends, including but not limited to Jeremy! And since Jeremy was about to return home to North Carolina, I felt obliged to skip the workout and come see him before he left.

It was well worth it, as I played well enough to knock Jeremy out of the game. And then I gave him some of my chips so he could play some more. And he went out again. And again. Yes, Jeremy has the questionable honor of being the 1st, 2nd and 3rd person eliminated from our poker tournament. Congratulations are in order, I'd say. :-)

Workout Log
* Monday: None
* Tuesday: 35 minutes on the recumbent bike (300 calories burned, ~8 miles traversed)


  1. Don't give up turkey, bacon, guacamoles! You know, there is nothing inherently wrong with turkey, bacon, or guacamole. Well, other then the fact that turkey and bacon are a result of killing animals and I am against killing living creatures unnecessarily. It was probably the Mountain Dew that did you in. Keep the sandwich. Lose the Dew.

  2. I think I agree. The Dew will be your downfall. For me, it's chai latte. I'm working on getting down to one small per week (a Friday treat).

  3. I think I agree as well. It was a rash decision. I should really give up Mountain Dews. But I will not do that. So I guess all I'm giving up is giving things up. :-)