Friday, July 15, 2005


Tonight I surprised and impressed even myself. After a day of not-so-hot eating (hey, it's not my fault someone put a big tasty cake in the break room!), I went to the gym and did 45 count'em 45 minutes of cardio! Not only that, but I wore my heart rate monitor and set the recumbent bike so that my pulse would be around 145 the whole time. Not only that, but at one point for about a minute I pushed it up to 183! Of course I didn't hold 183 for a minute, but it was still wild. You should have seen it. One second I was at 153 bpm, and then I increase the resistance a few levels and start pedaling a lot faster... and my pulse rose around 1 beat per second, so within a half minute I was at 183. I kept that for 15 seconds or so, and then decreased the resistance. Within a minute my pulse was back to 150 and dropping.

*Whew!* Wild, man. Wild and absolutely invigorating!

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