Monday, February 10, 2003

Challenge 2, Week 1, Day 1
"Let me embrace thee, sour adversity,
For wise men say it is the wisest course." -Shakespeare

A comfortable bed complete with heated mattress pad foiled my plans to exercise at the crack of dawn. Got to work at 9:30, where I have been zonked all day. That's what happens when I sleep in on Sunday, I suppose.

My meals have been pretty healthy today, my only indulgence being a Mountain Dew to try to combat the effects of sleep deprivation. It hasn't worked. That's what happens when I drink Mountain Dew every day, thereby developing an immunity to caffeine, I suppose...

The plan is: Go to the gym at 6, and hit it hard. I'm tired now, but I have found that during a hard workout, it doesn't matter if I've slept 3 hours or 9 hours; I become fully awake. Unfortunately, 6 p.m. on Monday is about the busiest time of the week. A 50 minute workout will probably take me 1:15 or so. Get home by 8. Have a nice dinner. Relax, make my meals for tomorrow. In bed by 10? Ideally. Then a full night of rest, and start the process again -- this time with enough sleep to exercise in the morning.

To possibilities!

* * *

Addendum: I made it to the gym and REALLY pushed myself hard for an hour. When I hit my dumbbell presses after doing all those flyes... Wow. A perfect 10. Now I am completely beat. Grabbin' the shake and flax oil, gulping down some water and then enjoying a night of deep sleep. I'll get my workout logs up here soon.

Today's Meals
  • Cup of low-fat cottage cheese, apple
  • Turkey sandwich on whole wheat
  • Tuna sandwich on whole wheat, Mountain Dew
  • Cup of low-fat cottage cheese
  • Turkey burger cut up in whole wheat pasta, with tomato sauce, carrots on the side (this meal was delicious!)
  • Protein shake, tablespoon of flaxseed oil

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