Saturday, February 15, 2003

Challenge 2, Week 1, Day 6 (FREE DAY)
"No TV and no beer make Homer something something." -Homer Simpson

Conscious of the fact that I have been invited to a couple parties tonight in A2, I decided to make today, rather than tomorrow, my free day for this week. That basically means I can eat whatever the hell I want, and not exercise. Today I have eaten a chicken fajita, bag o' Fritos, a couple Mountain Dews, a big piece of meat-lover pizza... and tonight I'll be drinking lots and lots of "refreshments." :-)

So tomorrow I have to get back on it. Cardio... of course, since I'm spending most of the day in A2, I'll have to get it done here somehow... and it's too cold to run outside without sweats (which I don't have)... I really don't want to do jumping jacks for 20 minutes but if worse comes to worst I just might have to...

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