Wednesday, February 12, 2003

Challenge 2, Week 1, Day 3
"God bless the snooze button, that tiny wonder of modern technology, allowing dreams to continue longer than deserved." -Unknown

I slept for 9 hours last night. As such I didn't get to the gym this morning. I will after work though... today is lower body day! I hate lower body day!

By the way, my upper body soreness is finally hitting me. I never realized how many things my pectorals are used for. Taking off my jacket is the worst! So is putting on my seatbeIt. Triceps are also sore -- I like the feeling of stretching out my arms and locking my elbows -- it makes my triceps let out a victory cry. Oh, and my biceps are sore for the first time in months and months, meaning I finally worked them hard enough. I'm not surprised -- at the end of my UPWO (upper body workout), 10 lb. hammer curls were almost impossible! Ten pounds! (That is very light, meaning my muscles were basically failing -- that is a good thing, because it means they'll grow back stronger.)

I also have to take my before pictures tonight.

Today's Meals
  • Protein drink, red grapes
  • Turkey sandwich
  • A few peanuts, Mountain Dew (got to give these up...)
  • Turkey sandwich with spinach
  • Grilled chicken, baked potato, BBQ sauce
  • Double protein drink (60g protein, 400 calories)

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