Sunday, February 16, 2003

Challenge 2, Week 1, Day 7

Okay, I'm trying to keep to the diet today, but it will require a trip or two to Subway... as for exercise, I realized that I didn't bring my shorts or t-shirt with me, and exercising in boxers at a friend's place just isn't cool. So, alas, I think I'll have to forego the cardio today, unless I can do it tonight when I get back to Southfield. We'll see.

Addendum: Decided to go see Daredevil instead of getting home early enough to exercise. Great movie! Critics know nothing! Oh, and I didn't get any popcorn... but did have a couple Mountain Dews to stay awake. :-) It's okay, I still have a calorie deficit for the day, though pretty low protein (~65g... Must make up for it tomorrow.

Today's Meals
  • Scrambled eggs, toast
  • 6" Turkey sub
  • Mint mocha w/ skim milk
  • 6" Turkey sub
  • 40 oz of Mountain Dew
  • Late-night munching (turkey breast, a buffalo wing)

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